HixsonSpineCenter.com respects your privacy. Below is how information is collected and used on HixsonSpineCenter.com.

Do you collect individual e-mail addresses?
No, email addresses are not collected from visitors to HixsonSpineCenter.com. We are only made aware of your email if, and only if, you send us a message from your email address.

How are email messages processed?
If you decide to send us an email, we may save portions of your email with our responses. This will help us to answer future emails from other individuals regarding the same question more easily.

How do you collect information?
When an individual visits our website, navigation information is collected and temporarily saved in our web log files. This navigation information cannot be used to identify specific individuals. Instead it is used to help aid us in: advertising, website analysis, and website statistics. The information recorded includes items such as visit date and time, ip address, browser settings (such as screen size and device type), and the referring website.