Client Testimonials
Below are just a few of the testimonials we have received from our clients.

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Now Medication Free
"I am an 86 year old man who has been suffering from severe low back pain for over 25 years. I had seen orthopedic surgeons, neurologists and neuro surgeons. They all agreed that I needed to have lumbar disc surgery, but because of my age and my general health condition, no one would do surgery on me. Their solution for my condition was to be inactive and on strong narcotic pain medication. I had of course heard of Chiropractors, but I was afraid of them because I didn't understand how they worked and how they could help me, so I avoided them.

Recently a family member told me of how much a Chiropractor has helped him and he encouraged me to try chiropractic care. The doctor x-rayed me, gave me a general physical examination, adjusted my spine and I experienced immediate relief. I walked out of the office pain free.

That was about a month ago and I am happy to say that I have taken no pain medication since my first appointment. I am very pleased with Dr. Doug and his chiropractic care. Dr. Doug has given me my life back. Thank you Dr. Doug."

Ray R.

A General Chiropractic Testimonial
"30 years ago I was in a miserable, debilitating condition. I had severe neck pain and numb arms. I couldn't work, couldn't drive and was basically bed ridden. I had an EMG nerve test that was negative, I saw a neuro surgeon who did a myelogram diagnostic test that requires that a long needle be placed in my dura to inject dye. The test was negative and the needle hole leaked fluid and made me ill beyond belief. The doctors plan was to load me up on Soma, a powerful muscle relaxant to treat my symptoms. I was so desperate for relief, that I overdosed on Soma and experienced a bowel obstruction for 7 days. I lost 25 pounds.

One day a friend called to ask if I had tried Chiropractic. I had not. She told me of how Chiropractic had helped her so I decided to try it. I had nothing to loose. Someone had to drive me to the doctors office with me lying down in the back seat. I couldn't sit up in a chair in the lobby so the nurse gave me a bed in the back to wait for the doctor.

The doctor x-rayed me, examined me and decided he could help me. He placed me on a special table and placed pressure on select areas of my neck and back. I could hear movement in my spine. It hurt a little bit for just a second, but then I felt relief. My muscle spasm went away immediately, I had full range of motion in my neck for the first time in weeks, I walked out of the office, drove myself home and went back to work that same afternoon. No high dollar surgical procedures, no strong muscle relaxers and no bed ridden pain. Thank you Chiropractic!"

David R.

I feel Like a New Man
"Many many thanks to you and your fine staff for the fabulous job you did with my back. I feel like a new man - ten years younger with no more back pains, neck pains and headaches! You guys are incredible. May God continue to prosper and bless your business and families."

Edward M.

The Change in Our Daughter's Back Was Dramatic
"...Neither my wife, who is a physician, nor I have had any prior experience with chiropractic care and so her treatment program was a completely new experience for us. I am writing this letter both to thank Dr. Tomanelli and to encourage others to consider exploring chiropractic care for scoliosis...The change in our daughters back was dramatic and wonderful and has improved her future tremendously. I hope the same may be true for many others."

Tom R.

Now Pain Free
"I came to Dr. Tomanelli for numbness and weakness in my right arm and upper back pain. Dr. Tomanelli x-rayed me and decided he could help me. After just a few adjustments and treatments I was pain free in my back and the numbness and weakness in my arm have subsided. Many thanks to Dr. Tomanelli and his staff for the wonderful successful care that I received there. I would like to strongly encourage other people to explore chiropractic as a solution for the aches and pains."

Daniel G.

Headache Pain from #10 to #3
"I had been having severe headaches for months. My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Doug. After just a few treatments, my headaches have gone from a number 10 to a number 3. I have a few more treatments to go and I feel that my headache pain will be down to zero soon. Thank you Dr. Doug."

Melvin Mc